Homeopathy and surgery

Homeopathy can be very helpful before and after surgery. While it does not guarantee a smooth recovery, many of my patients have found that using homeopathy has sped up recovery and helped with pain following surgery. For example, I have seen it work very well in cases of dental and ankle surgery.

Homeopathy does not interact with medication.

The chronic or constitutional remedy is important during surgery, however if in a pinch, here is a standard protocol:

-one dose of arnica 200, as a pellet, dissolved under the tongue, the day before surgery

-one dose of arnica 200 (pellet in 8oz glass of water, stir ten times and take 1 tsp) just before the surgery

-the diluted dose of arnica 200 every half hour after the surgery for up to four doses

-the diluted dose of arnica 200 4 times per day (equally divided doses) for three days after the surgery

-if there is nerve pain after surgery: hypericum 200 first dose as pellet, then subsequent doses diluted. Alternate hypericum with arnica, spaced equally, four times per day for three days

-staphysagria 200 for abdominal surgical pain instead of hypericum

Focusing on a good clean diet before surgery will help recovery. In addition, the more exercise you have done before surgery will also improve recovery time. Some sources say to detox following surgery, however, this all depends on the type of surgery and for what purpose. Best to stick to a diet high in vegetables and whole grains. Try and get vegetables of many different colors as these have carotenoids and help with healing.

Hydrotherapy – the alternation of hot and cold to the area, helps circulation and sends all the messengers and immune fighting cells to reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

Lots of fresh air and sunshine, and put yourself in places of nature. Be by a window where you can see a view, trees, water, etc. Or try and get out for walks in the forest.

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